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Jane Pushchairs

Barcelona, Spain, 1932, Manuel Jane Vidal, the son of Ramón Jané Caúm, created a pushchair for his newly born son, Ramon. This pushchair caused much admiration among friends and neighbours that they encouraged Manuel Jané to build a pushchair which folded up making it more convenient.

Manuel Jané took his new pushchair to one of Barcelonas leading stores and just one week later the first orders came through. Manuel Jané then began to manufacture folding pushchairs with many more product innovations to follow over the following years.

With Jane Pushchairs and accessories childrens safety is paramount and when researching and developing new products the company aims to exceed industry regulations.

Their design and technology innovations guarantee that all pushchairs are designed for your childrens health as well as safety. Jane is totally committed to developing revolutionary new ideas which are protected by patents to produce superior pushchairs and car seat equipment that outperforms the competition.

Jane now boasts over 75 years of experience in the pram and nursery industry.

Jane Pushchairs have been especially designed with particular lifestyles in mind, each range within the brand contains four different designs with different aims.

Jane makes 3-wheeler, 4-wheelers, two seaters, tandems and travel systems. Janes Urban range consists of four different styles: Unique, Sonic, Solo, Carrerra Aniversario and the 4×4 range: Nomad, Slalom Pro, Twin Two, Power-Twin Pro. All Jane pushchairs are well designed, light, compact and versatile with lots of excellent safety features.

Jane Epic Pushchair

The all new Epic Pushchair from Jane comes with an urban and pioneering design which stands out from other strollers because of it's tubular chassis which gives it a hard wearing and innovative character.

The Jane Epic Pushchair also gives you amazing versatility with hard wearing PU tyres with shock absorbing properties, independent, long travel suspension on the rear wheels, excellent manoeuvrability thanks to it's balanced front wheel set which gives smooth, precise turning, a double brake lock and more compact folding with the detachable and reversible seat.


Jane Twone Single Pushchair

The all new Jane Twone Single Pushchair is an extremely compact and multifunctional stroller, specially designed to grow with your family whether you have one child, twins or children of different ages. You can personalise the Jane Twone Single Pushchair however you like and you will discover many fantastic combinations!

The Jane Twone Single Pushchair features a large shopping basket so you can carry everything you need effortlessly, a reversible seat unit so you can have your baby facing you as you walk, smaller lighter swivel front wheels with independent suspension which are perfect for getting about on the city streets, and its compact book type folding system makes it easier to carry and store wherever you decide to take it.


Jane Trider Pushchair

The Trider is the brand new pushchair from Jane that allows you to enjoy trips and strolls with complete freedom whilst offering a chassis with minimalist style but with all the benefits of an extreme design. The Jane Trider Pushchair comes with three large diameter wheels perfect for adapting to any terrain or surface, the front wheel swivels to give maximum freedom of movement and it's long length suspension stroke with adjustable shock absorber gives your child total comfort.

Like all other Jané pushchairs, the Jane Trider is fitted with the Pro- Fix system meaning it's carrycots and car seats can be connected quickly and safely with just one hand, other pushchairs require a fixing kit to be fitted to the chassis in order for carrycots and car seats to be fixed on securely.


Jane Muum Pushchair

The Brand New Muum Pushchair from Jane will make life easier for you the parent combining style and practicality together. The Jane Muum Pushchair features the patented Jane PRO-FIX system that lets you attach a infant car seat or carrycot simply in just one click.

The seat unit of the Jane Muum is large and roomy compared to many other strollers on the market giving that little extra comfort to children from birth until toddler.

When you have finished your journey in the Jane Muum Pushchair, its simple to compactly fold down with or without the seat unit on and with it's quick release wheels and a practical carry handles it's easy to store and transport.


Jane Rider Pushchair

The Rider from Jane is a top of the range pushchair that unfolds with just one hand, it is also exceptionally compact and has great stylish looks. The Jane Rider comes with an ingenious and innovative patented folding system which ensures that when the pushchair folds, the unique retractable rear wheels reduces the folded size by an extra 30%. This makes the Jane Rider the most compact pushchair of its kind on the market.

This exciting new pushchair from Jane guarantees maximum comfort for your child with its adjustable rear suspension with shock absorber which can be altered according to the child's weight (Harder or Softer). Another great feature of the Jane Rider is that the seat is reversible which means that it can be fitted onto the chassis in two different directions either facing ahead or facing the parent.


Jane Slalom Reverse

Specifically designed to handle any terrain the Jane Slalom Reverse pushchair includes shock absorbing pneumatic tyres and adjustable rear spring suspension both optimizing babys comfort yet at the same time delivering total versatility.

The Jane Slalom Reverse has a 100% aluminium tubular chassis which is extremely lightweight but also exceptionally strong and it's low-profile wheels with ball bearings make it far lighter to maneuver.

The newly designed wheels of Jane Slalom Reverse can be easily removed to give maximum compactness by the simple press of a button and even the aluminium footrest can be folded helping even more to make it incredibly compact when folded.


Jane Slalom Pro

The Jane Slalom Pro stands apart from most other pushchairs because of its ultra-light chassis and the Pro-fix system which allows one-handed attachment of Jane car seats to and from the chassis.

The Pro-fix system of the Jane Slalom Pro locks automatically and mechanically which makes it impossible to be incorrectly installed.

Parents with larger families can also attach the Jane Surfer board to the Jane Slalom Pro to accomodate your older child. The Jane Slalom Pro is a truly amazing 3 wheel pushchair with lockable swivel front wheel, air tyres, adjustable rear suspension and generous seat padding which offers toddlers and parents a very comfy ride whatever the terrain!


Jane Matrix Car Seat

The Jane Matrix Car Seat has been especially designed to give complete comfort and safety for your baby. This is highly important during the first few months of your childs life as the babys correct posture is essential for their development in the lying down position.

The Jane Matrix Car Seat Bohemian can be fitted using car seat belts in both positions. plus can also be used as part of a travel system. The Matrix Car Seat delivers great value for money as it can be used for overnight sleeping (when used with a mattress) or naps during the day.

This fantastic new car seat from Jane also offers greater depth and this along with it's large interior makes it more comfortable and more importantly safer car seat in the event of an accident.


Jane Strata Car Seat

The Jane Strata Car Seat comes with a Pro fix connection allowing the carrier to fit all travel system pushchairs, the system locks onto the strollers chassis and can be unlocked at the press of a button - with one hand. Putting the seat belt under the frame of the Strata Car Seat allows for easy installation in cars fitted with shorter seat belts plus the belt can be locked so it can be tightened to give more stability.

The carrying handle of the Jane Strata Car Seat has 4 positions which can also be adjusted with just one hand plus also acts as an anti-rotational devise providing far greater protection for your child.

By lowering the backrest of the Strata Car Seat the base of the seat will automatically rise thus increasing the angle which helps perfect pulmonary development for new born babies.


Jane Koos Car Seat

The Jane Koos Group 0 Car Seat is the infant car seat that combines a light weight shell with complete safety. The Jane Koos Car Seat is made using breathable materials and is extremely comfortable for the baby plus simple to use for parents.

The very stable, light structure makes the Jane Koos Group 0 Car Seat very easy to carry and also makes it safer for your little one, as in the event of any hard impact the displacement is less than with heavier baby car seat.

Jane Koos Group 0 Car Seat comes with a brand new ergonomic handle that allows you to change the position quickly and safely with ease.


Jane Nest Plus Luxury Footmuff

The Nest Plus Luxury Footmuff from baby experts Jane can be used as a Footmuff, Seat liner or even a pram quilt.

The top of the Jane Nest Plus Luxury Footmuff Sand can be zipped off to convert into a soft polar fleece liner, while the cover can be used as a pram quilt. The inner polar fleece of the Jane Nest Plus Luxury Footmuff Sand is extremely soft and cosy.

The outer material of the Jane Nest Plus Luxury Footmuff Sand is water resistant not just helping to keep your little one warm but dry as well. The Jane Nest Plus Luxury Footmuff Sand has also been designed to be adaptable for use in the summer and winter months simply by un-zipping it's quilt when required.

The universal Jane Nest Plus Luxury Footmuff Sand can adapt to fit all kinds of pushchairs, and especially co-ordinated for most Jane pushchairs.

Jane Nest Plus Luxury Footmuff 

Jane Transporter Carry Cot

Jane Transporter Carry Cot

Suitable from birth the Transporter from Jane is not just a carry cot but also a car seat which has been especially recommended by health officials for long journeys.

Newborn babies should ideally lie completely flat as this position facilitates respiration and nurtures the abdomen aiding optimal spinal development. The Jane Transporter Carry Cot recognises this requirement and gives your baby the best start in life possible.

With the Jane Transporter Carry Cot you can go visiting the shops without having to worry about how long your little one has been in the car.

Reassuring any parents about its strength the Jane Transporter Carry Cot has a reinforced honeycomb structure with additional shock absorbing polystyrene, this structure also keeps the weight down to a minimum.

Jane Transporter Carrycot 

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March 30, 2015
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